Our Mission


The Core Of The Foundation

The core of Down The Stretch Ranch is to acquire thoroughbred race horses that can no longer perform at the track because of age, injury or ability. These horses will be utilized to serve the community by providing therapeutic rehabilitation to veterans of war, both horses and humans will thrive from this unique opportunity. The horses will live out their lives in the comfort and honor they deserve and a wide range of veterans will benefit from the relationships they develop with these animals.

Through the use of equine therapy, these incredible animals will bring comfort and companionship to veterans of war. These horses can effectively change the lives of American Veterans who suffer from a diverse range of disadvantages and disabilities.

Come Visit Us At The Ranch


Down The Stretch makes sure to tell each horse’s story.  When a veteran comes to Down The Stretch Ranch, race replays from the past are part of getting to know the selected runner.

For each new guest at the ranch, before any riding starts, the process begins in a round pen. A horse runs around for a while until it is comfortable with the guest.

If our guest and horse feel comfortable enough with one another, we give our guest the opportunity to ride the horse around the ranch and genuinely spend time with each other.

Words From Our Visiting Veterans


If you could bottle the way I feel right now, I wouldn’t have to take the drugs from the VA. It takes your mind away from your pain and your problems. It cleanses your mind. Meds cover up everybody’s pain, but you can hug a horse. I’m not a therapist, but the horses are.

Richard Monaco

Vietnam War Veteran & Veteran Coordinator, Down The Stretch Ranch

What Jerry Hollendorfer has done for us veterans and these horses is a true blessing.  He is an American hero!

Justin Martinez

Iraq Combat Veteran

I have been thinking of nothing but the ranch and can’t wait to go back!  I have felt just kinda dead inside and like I was just here till I die. The ranch has helped me feel free inside, free like I don’t have to be stuck in the past – I can live in the moment and there is more to enjoy in life than reliving combat in my mind everyday. I felt at peace and was full of joy for the first time in a long time!

Jerald Reichel

Iraq Combat Soldier

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Down The Stretch Ranch would be nothing without our sponsors! We greatly appreciate donations and the kind support of people like you. Please help us provide a safe sanctuary for these horses. Your donations will help create and foster new relationships between our horses and deserving veterans.

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